Sunday, May 13, 2012

Been a while! Like.....a really long while. I mean, seriously.

So, obviously we haven't been very good "bloggers" in the past.  But Dave and I have made a resolve to update our blog (if anything new has happened) every week.....we'll see how this goes. :)  Last post was in July of 2011 so what has happened since then?  Emmitt is now almost 17 months old and is doing some very funny and cute things.  He is waddling all over the place...yes, waddling.  He talks more than I do and that's hard to do.  Of course Dave and I have no idea what he is saying 95% of the time.  The best part about Emmitt talking is that we can ask him a question and he actually responds... even though we have no idea what he is saying.  Pretty darn cute if you ask me.  He does say some things that are understandable like ball, doggy, juice, garbage (yeah, figure that one out), mommy, and especially daddy.  He also signs baby, drink, milk, hat, hippopotamus (just kidding), all done and more.  It doesn't look like a lot of words when you type it out but it is great to have some level of communication with the little man.  He waves goodbye, blows kisses, and gives high fives.  All of your usual 17 month old things.  One of the best things is hugs.  Emmitt isn't a super snugly guy for those who might know him but recently he has been giving hugs.  Hugs to mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, and the best are those to his cousins, especially Grant.  Emmitt's hugs for Grant usually look like a tackle but they are very cute together.  In other news.....we are having another baby!!!!  Little Baby Batt Girl is coming September 2012 in a hospital near us (probably not you).  We are very excited to have a little girl coming into the family.  The grandkids were mostly boys at first but the girls are making a come back.  This pregnancy has been pretty good compared to Emmitt's and I am grateful for that.  We, okay, maybe just "I" am super excited for all the pink clothes and bows that are coming in the future.  Dave is more excited to have a little girl and not so much about her clothes.  We are grateful that the pregnancy has gone well thus far and that we have been blessed to have a studly little man in our family and a new little girl coming soon.  Last but not least, Dave is almost done with PA school and will be graduating August 3rd.  We are very excited to be done with school and Dave is excited to be working again.  I'm mostly excited about the income again (girl clothes, wink wink). 

The following are pictures from some of the events since July, sorry we don't have a blog for each one but we will be better in the future. (Hopefully)

Batt Family Trip to Stanley, Idaho Aug. 2011
View from hotel.  Batt Family Trip Stanley, Idaho Aug. 2011
Family pictures at the BYU-I gardens Sept. 2011
Addisyn Workman's carnival birthday party Sept. 2011
Emmitt literally throwing his head back in a grand guffaw! Wisconsin trip with mom Oct. 2011
Roar!!!  Halloween 2011
I found the wipes and there's nothing you can do about it!  What joy is found in wipes!  Nov. 2011
Happy Birthday to me!!!!  1st birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa Batt's.  Dec. 2011
Grant hug/tackle!  Jan. 2012
Easter at Grandma and Grandpa Batt's with Grandma and Grandpa Gierke too!!!  April 2012
I'm so funny!  Everyone laugh at my joke.  Mwahahaha.  Easter 2012
Our little baby is no longer a little baby but a little man.  May 2012