Monday, February 14, 2011

Christmas with the Gierke's

The whole family at Suzi's place. Billy, Dave, Joey, Mom, Suzi, Dad, Emmitt and Liz.

We always need a crazy picture!

Grandma and Grandpa with Emmitt!

This shows off his double chin!

Uncle Billy was sick- hence the mask!

Aunt Suzi and Emmitt!

Uncle Joey and Emmitt!
We were so blessed to be able to spend time with both families this Christmas due to Emmitt's birth!  Here are some pics with the Gierke's.  Oh and I'm not sure why some are small except that they came from mom in an that could be the reason.  When I tried  to make them bigger, they just got blurry!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Nativity, Batt style

Liz, Dave and Emmitt playing Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus!

Two of our angels: Alison and Becca!

Our wise men- James, Grant, William, and Tanner!  This was the best picture we got of them!

The dashing shepherds- Blake, Wayne, Tyler and Mike!

The cutest sheep ever- Mason Batt.

Alison, Becca, Heather, Brazilian friend, and Anne.

Our fearless narrator- Grandpa Batt!

Our fearless storyteller- Grandma Batt read the story and then gave each family their own copy of it! 
It's fun having a big family where everyone is excited to dress up (even friends from Brazil) and act out the best story ever told!  Since the part of baby Jesus was being played by none other than our own sweet newborn, Emmitt, Dave and I were blessed to play Joseph and Mary.  I have such a love and respect for Mary.  She traveled about 100 miles right before her due date, gave birth in a stable, and raised the Son of God!  She was truly an elect woman!  Joseph was also an extraordinary man since he knew the baby Mary was carrying wasn't his and wasn't going to have her killed for it, was visited by an angel and was the "step" father to the Savior. What a weight of responsibility he must have felt! Needless to say we were excited to have our parts to play this year, especially since we'd played them for our ward party as well-but when "baby Jesus" was still inside of me!  We'd been so excited that we decided to sew costumes ourselves.  Thats what we're wearing in our picture.  Hope you enjoy reliving Christmas near Valentines day!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Christmas Fun!

Daddy and Emmitt on Christmas morning!

Christmas breakfast with the Batt's!

Emma James and Emmitt Batt snoozing during present opening.

The boys with their toys! They all got helicoptors from mom and dad Batt! 

All the girls were given beautiful doilies that Momma Batt made.  (James, Anne, Alison, Liz, Kim, and Heather)

Roland, Kim and Emma wearing the hats Dave and I made for them for Christmas!

Mommy and Emmitt in his reindeer outfit!

Emmitt in his cute reindeer outfit.
What a Christmas!!!!  New baby, family, fun, new baby, presents, no sleep.....did I mention new baby?  It was the best Christmas ever.  What a blessing it is to be parents and to have our best Christmas present alive and healthy.  Emmitt has continued to grow every day since the day he was born and we are very blessed to have him in our lives.  We are excited to share many more Christmases with our beautiful son and our future children of course.

I love his sweet little face!

We're getting ready to leave the hospital and head to Idaho Falls to Grandma and Grandpa Batt's house for Christmas!

January 10, 2011 He fell asleep on the bathroom counter after a diaper change.  He's wearing the sleep sack Aunt Heather made him for Christmas!  We love it!

He hates being swaddled and I think its because he likes to sleep with his arms up, just like his Grandma Patti Gierke sleeps!
I thought I would back track a little and post some pictures from the beginning.  I'm planning on posting pictures from Christmas too!