Thursday, November 20, 2014

Visiting the Royers

June 18, 2014
The kids and I drove back to Utah the week after our week long trip to southern Utah to visit Daleen and Brian Royer and their cute kiddos. They were visiting from Texas and I just had to go see them! The kids had fun playing together and while we were there for the day we went to lunch and celebrated Brian's birthday. It was so fun to see them! 

Rexburg air show

June 14, 2014
We went to the Rexburg air show with some friends and it was amazing! We saw planes doing flips, spins and one even landed on the top of a pick up truck! It was so fun! After the air show they had free kids fishing day at the nature park so Dave and Emmitt tried their luck, but didn't catch anything. Emmitt thought fishing was pretty great though!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Enterprise trip

June 1, 2014 The kids and I picked up Alison and Elizabeth in Chubbuck on Sunday afternoon and drove to West Valley to spend the night with Alison's in-laws. It turned into a super late night since it took us 5 1/2 hours to get there! The kids didn't go to bed until 11. We drove the rest of the way to Enterprise to visit Heather, Blake, Nathan and Hannah Holt on Monday morning and the kids did better! We had so much fun together. We were able to all fit in one van which was so great! We played at a children's museum and splash pad in St. George on Tuesday and visited and toured the Holt farm with Uncle Blake on Wednesday where Emmitt learned how to drive 3 tractors and milk a cow! He wouldn't actually touch the udder, but Blake showed us how to do it! Thursday we went to some sand dunes to play. We ended up sitting in a more rocky area since it was shaded and the rest of the sand was already blazing hot and it was 10 in the morning! We went back to St. George for lunch at McDonald's and Heather, Alison and I got treats for ourselves while the kids all slept in the car. On Friday we hung around Enterprise. We went out to Blake's dads house where they've just made a splash pad. We played in the water and had a picnic lunch. We also got snow cones and the kids rode their bikes around Heather's house. It was such a great trip! We left Saturday morning and drove all the way home. It took us 10 hours which was an hour or more shorter than on the way down and the kids did really well! Here are some pics:

Emmitt and Bailey feeding horses!

 Nathan Holt and Emmitt Batt playing in the castle at the children's museum I in St. George.

Bailey Batt and Elizabeth Nielson playing on the knights bed at the children's museum.

Bailey, mom, and Emmitt at the Holt farm visiting the baby cows!

Emmitt hard at work mucking out a stall! He told us he wanted to be a farmer!

Emmitt was SO excited to go for a tractor ride!
And even more excited when Uncle Blake let him steer!

By the end of riding in/driving 3 different       tractors, he was exhausted and fell asleep on aunt Heather's lap! 

Playing in the sand dunes at the state park!

Hannah Holt, Emmitt Batt, Elizabeth Nielson, Nathan Holt, and Bailey Batt! They had such a great time together!  Can't you feel the love?

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bike time

May 30, 2014
We bought Emmitt his first big boy bike!  He rode his bike all over Walmart after we picked it out!  He loves it and his cars helmet. He's such a big boy!

Bailey had to have something new too, so we got her a princess helmet! She's such a big shot and loves doing everything brother is doing!

Friday, May 30, 2014

First camp out of the summer

May 23, 2014
We went up in the afternoon on Friday with the Workman's and found a camp spot at a campground in island park. We set up camp and then the Harlan's came up for the afternoon and evening. We took the four wheelers up to Big Springs and took turns going for rides. The kids loved it! We also looked at the fish and where the spring starts. Then we went back to camp and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows for s'mores and had a fun evening. Both kids slept through the night, which doesn't always happen at home! Here are some pics from the adventure!
Bailey loves getting dirty and really just loves everything about camping!
Emmitt, Dave and Riley Harlan going for a ride.
Addy Workman, Emma Harlan and Emmitt Batt looking over the edge trying to spot some rainbow trout! This made me so nervous even though the water was pretty shallow here!

Emma Harlan, Bailey Batt, Addy Workman and Emmitt Batt being cute little posers!

At camp roasting marshmallows- Riley, Noah, Kathrine, and Emma Harlan.

Kathrine and Jake Harlan, Mel and Addy Workman, Emmitt, Bailey and Dave Batt and Mitch Workman at our camp site!

In front of our tent (that we borrowed from Mike and Anne). Dave, Liz, Bailey and Emmitt Batt. Emmitt wouldn't stop sweeping out the tent to pose for the picture!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Webster's Dam

May 17, 2014 At 9:30am we headed to Webster's Dam with Mitch, Mel, Addy, and Brayden Workman and Jason, Dee Dee, Addy, Sydney, and Jackson Paul! It was quite the adventure! We pulled 2 four wheelers on Dave's dads trailer (one belonged to Mitch's brother). We had to do lots of walking with the kids since we had too many people to ride on the four wheelers and some of the paths were too steep for more than one rider, but it was worth it when we got the the bottom and had a picnic lunch in such a beautiful place! We had a great time with our friends and we all survived the hike even though we were a little or a lot sore! That evening we had a BBQ and then left Emmitt and Bailey with babysitters so we could go to Mitch and Mel's to play games! It was super fun!

A big day!

Friday May 16 marks a big day in our lives! It's the day we bought our first truck! Dave and I and the kids are so excited to have something we can pull four wheelers and boats with. We also excited for Dave to have a vehicle that will actually get him to work without dying! It is a 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab. It's perfect because it fits 6! We love it! Emmitt wants everyone we see to look at his new truck!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My rock star

Emmitt has been really into posing and making funny faces. Here are some examples!

Monday, May 12, 2014

My uncle Joey teaches me everything

Mommy: Emmitt, who taught you to stand on the swing like that? 
Emmitt: umm, Joey? 

Loving the backyard and mom's new phone!

I'm so excited to have a nicer, faster phone where I can actually take pictures to use in posts! Here are the kiddos enjoying being outside on a cool May evening!