Friday, May 30, 2014

First camp out of the summer

May 23, 2014
We went up in the afternoon on Friday with the Workman's and found a camp spot at a campground in island park. We set up camp and then the Harlan's came up for the afternoon and evening. We took the four wheelers up to Big Springs and took turns going for rides. The kids loved it! We also looked at the fish and where the spring starts. Then we went back to camp and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows for s'mores and had a fun evening. Both kids slept through the night, which doesn't always happen at home! Here are some pics from the adventure!
Bailey loves getting dirty and really just loves everything about camping!
Emmitt, Dave and Riley Harlan going for a ride.
Addy Workman, Emma Harlan and Emmitt Batt looking over the edge trying to spot some rainbow trout! This made me so nervous even though the water was pretty shallow here!

Emma Harlan, Bailey Batt, Addy Workman and Emmitt Batt being cute little posers!

At camp roasting marshmallows- Riley, Noah, Kathrine, and Emma Harlan.

Kathrine and Jake Harlan, Mel and Addy Workman, Emmitt, Bailey and Dave Batt and Mitch Workman at our camp site!

In front of our tent (that we borrowed from Mike and Anne). Dave, Liz, Bailey and Emmitt Batt. Emmitt wouldn't stop sweeping out the tent to pose for the picture!

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