Sunday, May 18, 2014

Webster's Dam

May 17, 2014 At 9:30am we headed to Webster's Dam with Mitch, Mel, Addy, and Brayden Workman and Jason, Dee Dee, Addy, Sydney, and Jackson Paul! It was quite the adventure! We pulled 2 four wheelers on Dave's dads trailer (one belonged to Mitch's brother). We had to do lots of walking with the kids since we had too many people to ride on the four wheelers and some of the paths were too steep for more than one rider, but it was worth it when we got the the bottom and had a picnic lunch in such a beautiful place! We had a great time with our friends and we all survived the hike even though we were a little or a lot sore! That evening we had a BBQ and then left Emmitt and Bailey with babysitters so we could go to Mitch and Mel's to play games! It was super fun!

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